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The Baba Products (M) Sdn Bhd has an Internal Halal Committee to manage the certification and compliance of the Halal system in our operations. The committee is headed by Halal Affairs Manager who is responsible to monitor all Halal aspects involved in the operation to ensure its full compliance with the Halal requirements set by Malaysian religious authorities. In addition, the following practices show that high commitment is given for our operations in Baba Products (M) Sdn Bhd:

  • The Halal committee is formed to discuss on all Halal related matters and ensure full compliance with Halal requirements and legal policies.
  • The Halal Assurance System is developed as guidelines and rules to be followed to ensure the product that is produced are clean and safe to consume.
  • All the production staff shall attend Halal Awareness Training which is conducted by certified & qualified trainers.
  • New products are only launched after receiving Halal certificate.
  • Seek local religious authorities’ assistance and advice in Halal related matters.

Management Commitment

Baba Product (M) Sdn Bhd management is committed to discuss on issues related to the development, implementation, maintenance and review of the Halal Assurance Management System during the annual Halal Management Review Meeting.

International Halal Committee Organization Chart

Halal Assurance System

Baba Product (M) Sdn Bhd guarantees that all its products are Halal because it has 100% control at each stage of its processes from receiving of raw materials until distribution to ensure that every stage strictly adheres Islamic religious requirements and uses only Halal-compliant and Halal-certified ingredients by JAKIM and its certified bodies. Our factories are also regularly inspected by our designated staffs to ensure the Halal standards are upheld thoroughly.

The Backbone of Halal Assurance System

Components in Halal Assurance System


Performs Halal audit to all factories and suppliers.

Ensures full Halal compliance.


Manages records and related activities to Halal certification (renewal, new application).


Conducts Halal awareness training to staffs.

Promotes Halal programs of the company.


Manages administration-related matters.

Activities in Halal Assurance System

  1. Halal Training
  2. Halal awareness training and Halal competency training was conducted by certified trainers and Halal training provider from the Halal Professional Board. Halal training is a must for all personnel of Baba Products (M) Sdn Bhd including management level staffs. By attending this training, they will be able to understand the basic concept of Halal including their roles and responsibilities in protecting products from contamination or non-compliance especially from Halal aspects.

  3. Mock Sertu (Ritual Cleansing)
  4. Mock sertu was conducted by Internal Halal Committee once a year. Sertu program are considered as part of the corrective action in the Halal Assurance System that could be taken in case of non-conformances involving Najs al Mughallazah.

  5. Internal Halal Audit
  6. Internal Halal Audit is conducted by monthly for factory audit and by yearly for supplier audit. The purposed is to verify the correctness, accuracy and authenticity of Halal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the company, implementation and presented during Halal Management Meeting and comply it with the requirements of Malaysian Halal Certification Manual Procedure. Aside that, we also actively engaged with the Halal expertise for pre-audit exercise.

Halal Department (Attn: Norshalina Mohd Razali)

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