BABA’S range of products are made of the finest quality ingredients from around the world, blended to traditional, truly vegetarian recipes. this is why your simplest meals become a glorious feast with BABA’S.

Halal Policy

Baba Products (M) Sdn Bhd guarantees that all the products it manufactures are halal. We are committed to complying with the Malaysian Halal Standards MS1500:2019 in producing every of our products to ensure the food produced is halal, clean and good quality based on shariah rulings and safe for the consumption of all. The integrity of the process starts from the control of raw materials to manufacturing, packing, storing and distributing of the products so that it is halal, quality and safe for consumption along the identified supply chain.

Malaysian Halal logo is displayed on all our product packaging to show they have passed halal compliance tests.

In order to achieve the company policy for halal, we shall ensure:

  1. Every material (ingredients, raw material, packaging material) are free from najs and any haram materials as stated in the Malaysian Standard for Halal and Malaysian Halal Certification Manual Procedure;

  2. Any material for utensils, equipment, machinery and processing aids shall be free from non-halal and najs contaminations;

  3. Processing methods and techniques used in producing products are free from non-halal and najs contaminations either from workers, environment, equipment, raw materials or premises;

  4. Continuous improvement from control, monitor and verification of the system;

  5. Beside this, Baba Products (M) Sdn Bhd also restricts its staffs from bringing in non-halal food in to premises.

Halal Mission

  1. Ensure the compliance of Halal Policy by the company throughout the identified supply chain from production process until marketing of every Halal certified product.

  2. Apply and obtain Halal certificates for every product.

  3. Provide training and educate the staffs pertaining the concept and requirements of Halal.

  4. Assist Research & Development Division in producing new products that conforms to Halal standards.

Halal Department (Attn: Norshalina Mohd Razali)

Tel: +603 6137 1514 ext 314


Fax: +603 618 7809